ICP module

The ERETES ICP module has been developed in 2012. It aims to help the accountants to answer to the International Comparison Programme questionnaire for purchasing power parities.

International Comparison Programme (ICP)

The ICP is a worldwide statistical initiative led by the World Bank under the auspices of the United Nations Statistical Commission, with the main objective of providing comparable price and volume measures of gross domestic product (GDP) and its expenditure aggregates among countries within and across regions. Through a partnership with international, regional, sub-regional and national agencies, the ICP collects and compares price data and GDP expenditures to estimate and publish purchasing power parities (PPPs) of the world’s economies.


The National Accounts teams must fill a questionnaire called MORES (Model Report for Expenditure Statistics) which is a breakdown of the GDP into 155 basic headings, as defined in the ICP expenditure classification.

Until now, this program was organised in the framework of rounds. ERETES ICP module was built for the 2011 round and has been updated in 2017 for the present 2007 round.

The module is composed of:

  • A conversion tool:
    • to fill conversion tables from the ERETES national work classifications to the ICP one based on the data of national surveys about the detailed final consumption of households, general government and NGI, GFCF…
    • to transform the ERETES database elaborated with the main module into a more detailed one
  • An edition tool to produce automatically the MORES (Excel file provided by the ICP)

It is available in English, French and Spanish.