IT Issues

Software features:

ERETES was designed to operate under Microsoft®Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP, but works also under Windows 7, 8 or 10.

ERETES is not designed for Apple OS.

ERETES must be installed locally on each workstation.

ERETES interacts with Microsoft® Excel to produce tables with, for some of them, an elaborate layout according Excel standards. Microsoft® Excel therefore must be installed on all the workstations.

Database management system and programming language:

ERETES databases use the Progress® database management system.

ERETES sources are written according to the fourth generation Progress® language.

It is therefore indispensable to install Progress® Personal RDBMS™ on each workstation. The cost of a lifetime license is about  400$US.

Networks and distribution of tasks:

ERETES is not a client server application. The database is used only in mono-user mode. However, the national accountants share tasks and data in a structured and secure environment. For this ERETES uses data extraction/loading techniques and decentralization/repatriation techniques. These procedures are managed entirely by the software and require no IT skills on the part of users.