The ERETES group

In November 2005, the Steering committee decided to set up the ERETES group to involve the users in the future of ERETES. The group really started working in 2007.

Composition and representation of the group:

The ERETES group has at present more than 300 members from Africa, European Union, Mediterranean countries, and Latin America.

It is composed of individuals:

  • in charge of the technical and/or administrative monitoring of ERETES within the co-owners organisations;
  • involved in the technical follow-up of the implementation in countries or in cooperation programs funding these projects within some regional organisations.

But, most of the members are national accountants in the countries using ERETES.

The group is represented between the annual general meetings by a president and a vice-president, elected for two years in a personal capacity.

Since the creation of the group, assumed the function of president:

  • Éric METREAU
  • Achille PEGOUE
  • Erith NGHOGUE

At present, the president is Mr. Koffi ADOLI (Togo) and the vice-president Mrs. M’boya KOTO (Ivory Coast)

Group mandate:

The group enables its members, via access to a private area for exchanges on the group forum, to have regular information on the community life and, for some of them, to get involved in discussions on the use of the different functionalities in the field or on the specifications of the improvements validated by the Steering committee.

On this website, in addition to “Latest news” pages are available:

  • Software packages
  • Test set for trainings
  • Meetings reports
  • Technical documents and studies
  • ERETES events
  • Directory of members

All the contents are available in French, English and Spanish.

In addition, the ERETES group contributes to discussions to improve the tool. Thus, ad hoc working groups gathering members of the Group among the most advanced users, participated in 2011-2012 in the definition of the latest tools developed such as the SERIE module or the ICP module. A working group also contributed to the brainstorming on a future backcasting tool that led to a study published in 2015 by the IT consultant.

To become a member, you can submit an application to groupe(arrowbase) accompanied by the completed form with your motivations and a photograph.