Key strengths

Flexibility and customisation

ERETES offers a great flexibility of uses according to:

  •  the scope chosen for the accounts
  •  the context in which it is implemented

Each country chooses the scope of its goods and services accounts

  • Compile only industry accounts and the production approach of the GDP
  • Compile (also) Supply and Use Balances by product and the expenditure approach of the GDP
  •  Supply and Use Table every year or every four or five years
  •  SUT only at current prices or both at current and constant prices

Each country chooses the scope of its institutional sectors accounts

  • Compile the Integrated Economic Accounts Table until generation of income accounts (milestone 3)
  • Compile the IEAT until capital accounts (milestone 4)
  • Compile the IEAT until financial accounts (milestone 5)

ERETES is compliant with the SNA 2008 and provides all the useful tools to reach the milestone 5, but:

  • The SNA 1993 version of the tools are still available
  • You can use only a subset of the toolbox possibilities

The customisation is easy and doesn’t need an IT expert support.

Completeness and security level

ERETES provides tools:

  • to edit immediately a SUT and an IEAT compliant this the SNA 2008 and customized according to your own classifications
  • to build and to edit time series (SERIE module)
  • to modify the classifications of your database to :
    • adapt it to specific issues (provisional accounts, satellite accounts)
    • feed the edition of the MORES of the ICP  (ICP module)

The robustness of the DBMS on which ERETES is based guarantees a full integrity of the databases.

ERETES stores and secures all the data in a single and consistent database from the sources to the aggregates and for the entire scope of your National Accounts.

Capacity building

The use of ERETES helps to involve all the accountants’ team and promote a teamwork structured by the tool:

  • according to the breakdown of tasks, each one is responsible for a set of work tables
  • each one has access to all the elementary data generated by the other members of the team and the persons responsible for the synthesis

It facilitates the assimilation of the National Accounts compilation methods as:

  • the team follows the same structured process year after year (phases – tools)
  • it offers the possibility to consult both general documentation on national accounts (help) and specific one written by the team during the former campaigns (notepad)
  • it keeps the memory of reconciliations